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Lisa is a Physiotherapist, Pilates Practitioner and Educator. She has trained in Dr L.J. Lee’s Thoracic Ring Approach™ (2014) and is a Certified ConnectTherapy™ Practitioner (2019)  The knowledge and skills from this    learning journey has transformed her Physiotherapy and has also filtered through to her Pilates teaching.  Pilates teachers that have worked with Lisa have been coached on how to pay more attention to and to devise Pilates programs with the thoracic region in mind.

In  “Put a Spring in your Thorax”, Lisa will take you on a journey of discovery of the thorax and applies this knowledge to the Pilates environment.

The thorax is an important region of the human body. It is under- researched and poorly understood in medicine, allied health and movement therapies. This region plays an important role in human movement, load transfer, shock absorption, nervous system homeostasis and breathing. A better understanding of the thorax will empower the the Pilates movement professional with skills to facilitate the movement journey of many more of their current and future clients. These workshops are an immersion into the thorax via anatomy tutorials, case studies, discussion, Pilates repertoire programming guidance and home projects.

This course is delivered over six live modules. Each module is a 2 hour online session.

Sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend on the day.

Private discussion forum for workshop participants.

This complete workshop series has been approved for 12 PDPs with the PAA and 12 CECs with the APMA.


Course Outline


An in- depth look at the thorax.

This module involves:

  • Detailed look at the anatomy, arthrokinematics and neuromuscular behaviour of the thorax.
  • The role of the thorax in the human body.
  • Analysis mechanisms of global and segmental control of the thorax.
  • Building an understanding of the influences of the thorax on other regions of the body.
  • Q & A

Module 2:

Assessing the thorax. Has it lost its spring?

This module involves:

  • Learning how to assess the thorax in the Pilates environment.
  • Identifying when addressing the thorax in Pilates programming is a priority.
  • Important Pilates programming considerations with the thorax in mind.
  • Q & A

Module 3:

Facilitating optimal thorax behaviour in the Pilates environment.

This module involves:

  • Learning how to facilitate the release of hypertonic muscles influencing the thoracic spine and ribs in Pilates settings.
  • Learning how to facilitate the activation of the deep muscular control of the thoracic spine and ribs.
  • Learning how to use the Pilates environment to train optimise segmental neuromuscular behaviour in the thoracic spine and attached ribs: The Thoracic Rings (Dr L.J Lee).
  •  Q &A

Module 4:

Pilates programming to facilitate optimal thorax behaviour.

  • This module addresses Pilates programming to optimise thorax behaviour for a beginner level program.
  • Q & A

Module 5:

How do I progress a Pilates program with the thorax in mind?

  • This module addresses Pilates programming to optimise thorax behaviour for a progressive level Pilates program.
  • Q & A

Module 6:

  • Pilates programming with the thorax in mind.
  • Participant case studies.
  • Q & A

Price: Module 1-6 payment in full $649 including GST

Module 1-3 $385 including GST

Module 4-6 $385 including GST

Dates: 12 noon- 2pm (AEDT/ AEST) Sundays March 20th, April 10th, May 8th, June 5th, July 3rd, 2022, August 28th *.

* Dates and times subject to change.

Fully Booked- March 20th – August 28th – $649

Two payments option:

Fully booked – March 20th- May 8th – $385

Fully booked – June 5th – August 28th – $385

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