Lisa has dealt with the health needs of the elderly as a Physiotherapist for 29 years. Lisa and her staff have been conducting designated Seniors Pilates classes in her studio for the last 10 years with a group of 12 clients. The majority of the clients are over 80 years of age.

The results have been fantastic and the effects on the client and the instructor worth sharing!

In this practical and interactive workshop Lisa will

  • Describe and demonstrate the Seniors exercise program.
  • Discuss the reasoning behind its design
  • Discuss current research on exercise and the elderly
  • Describe the business model that has proven successful for these clients in her studio
  • Give practical advice on how to set up a similar class at your studio

It is Lisa’s hope that you’ll feel inspired to run similar classes in your studio and make a real difference in the lives of the elderly in your community!

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