Lunch and Learn

These bite-sized information-packed seminars are a great way to bring your teaching team together.

Topics include:

Abdominal profiling
Learn how to assess the abdominal wall in your clients to determine whether they are using healthy or compromised abdominal recruitment strategies. Observe the recruitment strategy that results from your teaching cues with the real time ultrasound.

Welcoming Multifidus to your Pilates programming
The multifidus muscles throughout the spine have a unique role in stability and proprioception. Learn more about it’s important role in spinal control and how to cue it successfully in the Pilates environment.

Managing the Painful Neck in the Pilates Environment

A dive into the anatomy of the cervical spine, optimal postural organisation of the neck and head, as well as assessment of the postural musculature of the neck. Pilates programming guidelines will equip the Pilates instructor with the tools to program exercises for control and endurance of the neck musculature and alleviate neck pain.

Q & A with Lisa A

A tailored 2 hours for your team to bring along questions regarding their current teaching challenges and tricky clients.


*yet to be CPD approved

* Pilates Alliance Australasia

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