Do you find that the thoracic region is often stiff and needing mobilising in your Pilates clients? Or is it?

Lisa has trained in Dr LJ Lee’s Thoracic Ring Approach™ and is a Certified ConnectTherapy™ Practitioner. Dr LJ Lee has developed an innovative assessment and treatment framework for the thoracic region.
In  “Put a Spring in your Thorax”, Lisa will take you on a journey of discovery of the thorax and applies this knowledge to the Pilates environment.
You will learn:

*the anatomy and how the thoracic spine and rib cage move in 3 dimensions as well as  it’s important role in whole body movement.
*mechanisms of thoracic mobility and dynamic stability during Pilates movement
*how to assess the thorax for alignment function, mobility and control in a Pilates setting
*effective cueing and positional release techniques to facilitate optimal mobility and control of the thorax within a Pilates session
*programming considerations considerations and repertoire in the Pilates mat and Studio environment for optimal thorax control and movement strategies.

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